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Leading with Head and Heart

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A practical guide to elevating today’s schools through mindful, heartfelt leadership.

Juggling today’s pressing concerns with the needs of tomorrow is a constant challenge for school leaders. In the face of competing priorities, how can we lead in a meaningful way that creates a supportive culture and results in improved learning outcomes for all students? To strike the necessary balance between responding to immediate demands and cra­fting future plans, leaders must learn to integrate the heart and the head of leadership, mastering skills that incorporate both their emotions and sensibilities for inspired leadership.

In Leading with Head and Heart, elementary-school-principal-turned-leadership-consultant Anthony J. Colannino guides readers on a strategic journey toward more impactful, inspiring leadership. He offers a new perspective that incorporates a multifaceted leadership approach encompassing the emotions of love, vulnerability, empathy, and dignity, as well as the intellect, including culture, equity, clarity, and courage. Colannino interweaves stories of hope and passion with practical strategies for real-world application, helping leaders find direction and empowering them to grow their personal leadership skills in a way that honors and protects the potential of the students in their care. Discover the tools necessary to create new pathways for equitable opportunity and implement technological advances that can improve learning in Leading with Head and Heart.