After Armageddon

After Armageddon

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After Armageddon

(There Will Be War #9)

Jerry Pournelle (Editor),
Norman Spinrad,
Alan Brown,
Leslie Fish (Goodreads Author),
Rudyard Kipling,
Reginald Bretnor,
John Brunner,
Paul Edwards,
The world destroyed - or reborn?

It's a perilous new world out there, following the Final Trump. Mutants and mendicants prowl the ruins. Strange new powers arise to challenge the huddled survivors for dominion over the broken land. Underground amidst their hoarded goods, survivalists scheme to bring back the dead past, while above, in the bleeding aftermath, only one thing is certain:

There will be more war - as the evil conspire, the brave make their stand, and the strong survive.

The newest chapter in Jerry Pournelle's vision of humanity's splendid and terrible future - an unforgettable tour of a world reborn to fight another day.


Kenyons to the Keep! by Jerry Pournelle ... Holo-Caustic by Peter Dillingham ... Collector's Piece by Edward P. Hughes ... Half the Battle by Harry Turtledove ... Only the Strong Survive by F.G. Wyllis ... The Last Cruise of the Zeppelin Tempest by J.P. Boyd ... The Future of the Great Powers by Alan Brown ... The Voice of the Cockroach by Leslie Fish ... Song of the Red War-Boat by Rudyard Kipling ... Primum Non Nocere by Paul Edwards ... Horatius at the Bridge by Thomas Babington, Lord Macaulay ... Fear and Survival by Reginald Bretnor ... The Berendt Conversion by John Brunner ... The Contract by Don Hawthorne ... The Bodyguard by Vernon W. Glasser ... The Palace at Midnight by Robert Silverberg ... Wintergate II: The War of the Worlds by Russell Seitz ... Torch by Christopher Anvil ... Bringing Home the Bacon by Eric Oppen... Journals of the Plague Years by Norman Spinrad ... This is Volume IX in There Will Be War Series.