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Berlin Mesa: A Hitler's Loki Novel

In the middle of a desert, a POW camp harbors a deadly secret. A sleeper agent embedded among combat prisoners receives orders activating him to a deadly mission beyond the wire.

Get ready for a WWII thriller unlike any you have ever read. For this prison is Camp Santa Rosa, New Mexico. And this prisoner, Colonel Jurgen von Hofmann, is an SS intelligence officer attached to Hitler's most daring plan against the United States.

"Tony Mendez [portrayed by Ben Affleck in Best Picture winner Argo] and I have always been two of Michael Frost Beckner's most enthusiastic readers! He captures the essence of spies and the cat and mouse choreography of espionage." Jonna Mendez, Former CIA Chief of Disguise

With Berlin Mesa , novelist Michael Frost Beckner breaks from his Spy Game series to deliver a strikingly original WWII thriller set on the knife-edge of an unexplored curl of history—the escape of German POWs into the heart of the American West.

"Spy thriller? Western adventure? Military action? Yes, all of the above. [Berlin Mesa] is straight, old-school, thriller storytelling that evokes the writing of the masters in all three genres, but with a flair that is Beckner's alone."
James Stejskal, author of the Snake Eater Chronicles, former CIA and Green Beret

"It's Cormac McCarthy cowboys versus Ken Follett Nazi spies with a Forbidden Romance at its heart — what's not to love? Five Stars/Highly Recommended!" Kara W, NetGalley ARC Reader

A land as wild and savage as its past, while the US Army, the FBI, and the OSS clash over the glory of capturing the escaped spy, von Hofmann raids the Triple H Ranch. There, he and his men run headlong into a rancher's vendetta against the man he once put away for the rape of his daughter—the strong-willed war bride Virginia Hendricks.

A story filled with intrigue and violence, romance and redemption, where dark passions are cloaked by secret agendas, only a six-gun will hold against Hitler's ambitions for the fate of the world. But it's a gun held by ex-con Tyler falsely judged, mistrusted, and untested. A cowboy with nothing left to lose.