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Cold Case

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Cold hearts....

Boston at night ebbs and flows with shadows of things deadly: A hit man with a gun...a new client with old money telling lies in P.I. Carlotta Carlyle's office...the searing truth behind the long-ago disappearance of a brilliant young writer.

Cold blood....

Thea Janis vanished twenty-four years ago, but her cold case steals into Carlotta's life like an illicit lover. The new manuscript pages a sad-eyed man lays on Carlotta's desk are mesmerizing, written in Thea's unmistakable voice, and the story he tells draws Carlotta in as surely as the notes of a haunting blues riff just beyond her grasp.

Cold case....

Is Thea alive or dead? Who is sending the new manuscript piecemeal to Thea's family, demanding chapter-by-chapter blackmail? Is the author a victim, a plagiarist...or a killer? In Carlotta's business, blind spots lead to blind sides-and looking over her shoulder can keep her from seeing where she's going...into a past as dark and evil as they come, where old secrets turn lethal and the words of a poet can kill.