Come The Dawn

Come The Dawn

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Come the Dawn

(The Dangerous Delameres #2)

Dearest Reader,

If you like adventure--along with a heady blend of passion--I'm certain you'll enjoy this second book in the exploits of the eccentric and aristocratic Delameres.

Handsome, cynical, and exquisitely charming, the twelfth earl of Thornwood is surely the most reckless in a long line of rogues. No scandal is too great for this London rake with the silver eyes and the golden tongue. Only one woman has ever reached his heart.

Thornwood swears to honor and protect the impetuous red-haired Delamere heiress, and gives her his love--and his name--in a country caught up in the madness of war, a war that takes the life of the reckless earl. Or does it?

Hiding her pain behind a dazzling smile, India Delamere vows to mend her shattered heart amid the frantic gaiety of the London season. Now the headstrong beauty is shocked to see the dashing officer she had thought dead suddenly reappear--as a stranger. India soon finds herself in a world of deception and intrigue, determined to solve the mystery of the man she can't forget.

The earl of Thornwood is as befuddled as he is bewitched by his mysterious lady, and both are swept up in the kind of adventure that only a Delamere can instigate--and only two hearts lost in love can survive.

I hope you enjoy the ride!