James Bond Omnibus Volume 2

James Bond Omnibus Volume 2

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James Bond Omnibus 2: Thunderball/On Her Majesty's Secret Service/You Only Live Twice

(James Bond (Original Series) #9, 11-12)

Ian Fleming

James Bond is in disgrace. His medical report is critical of the high living that is ruining his health, and M packs him off to a health farm to be tuned up to his former pitch of exceptional fitness. Bond expects a trying two weeks. The last thing he expects is an adversary more deadly, more ruthless even than SMERSH.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service
High in the air of the Swiss Alps a set-up is planned. A man is hunting respectability with all the cunning that made him Europe's most ruthless criminal. Nothing is to stand in his way. Especially not 007. And Bond, too, has a lot on his mind. . . she is so beautiful, so sensual, that the charms of bachelorhood seem oddly tarnished. Bond is skating on very thin ice.

You Only Live Twice
In this sequel to the tragic "On Her Majesty's Secret Service", Bond is depressed and adrift. M decides to send him on an impossible mission to revive his spirits: he must go to Japan to acquire a new ciphering method from "Tiger" Tanaka, head of the Japanese Secret Service. Tanaka finally agrees, but asks in return that Bond assassinate an infamous recluse who owns a garden filled with deadly animals and poisonous plants, where people have been going to commit suicide - The Garden of Evil