Literary Masters Volume 1: F. Scott Fitzgerald

Literary Masters Volume 1: F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Literary Masters, Volume 1: F. Scott Fitzgerald

(Literary Masters (Gale) #1)

Gale Study Guides to Great Literature are a unique reference line composed of three series: Literary Masters, Literary Masterpieces and Literary Topics. Convenient, comprehensive and targeted to current coursework, the guides put authors, titles and topics into context for high school and college students as well as general researchers.Not to be confused with uninspiring reference "notes" that spoon-feed students essay answers, the Gale Study Guides to Great Literature feature original material designed to compliment the research process. These series give educators and researchers a source featuring not only literary movements and biographical data but also discussions of significant cultural and historical aspects of literature.

The Literary Masters Series covers biographical details of an author's life, providing a point of reference that gives insight into experiences that may have influenced the author's subject matter and writing style. In the Literary Masters Series, look for these chapters:
-- About the Author
-- The Author at Work
-- The Author's Era
-- The Author on the Author
-- And more