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(Paul Richter #1)

The Cold War is far from over…

Agent Paul Richter is back in a searing novel that takes the world to the brink

A group of disgruntled Russian supremos decide the time has come to deploy their secret nuclear arsenal. They team up with al-Qaeda in order to neutralise America and take political and economic control of western Europe.

Only one man can stop them – a British intelligence agent: Paul Richter.

Richter discovers that Europe has been seeded with neutron bombs, with more lethal nuclear devices planted in strategic cities throughout the US…

Now the American government is about to be handed an ultimatum – abandon Europe to Russian forces or see millions of its citizens destroyed. What the renegade Russians don't realise is their own allies have an even deadlier agenda.

Richter is the only man that can stop them. But time is running out.

From thundering plane chases above Siberia, to a thrilling showdown in Gibraltar, this gripping espionage thriller is perfect for fans of Robert Ludlum, Tom Cain and Andy McNab

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