The Preacher's Bloodbath

The Preacher's Bloodbath

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 Preacher's Bloodbath

(The First Mountain Man #22)

William W. Johnstone,
J.A. Johnstone

Preacher takes on the last of the Aztecs in his biggest, bloodiest showdown yet. . .

There are a million ways to die in the Rockies--and a million predators, natural or otherwise. But even a seasoned mountain dweller like Preacher is shocked by the latest horror lurking in the hills. Trappers are being hunted down like animals. Captured. Murdered. Mutilated. Their hearts carved out of their chests.

Some of the victims were Preacher's friends. Now two others--Audie and Nighthawk--have gone missing. Preacher is determined to track them down before they end up on the chopping block

And an epic battle that begins and ends--with the ultimate sacrifice . . .