The Wakefield Legacy

The Wakefield Legacy

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The Wakefield Legacy: The Untold Story

(Sweet Valley High Magna Editions #2)

Francine Pascal (Goodreads Author) (Creator),
Kate William

Follow the compelling stories of the women and men who came before Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield: Frontiersman Theodore Wakefield thought he'd lost his heart forever; will Dancing Wind make him love again?

Turn -of-the-century beauty Sarah Wakefield marries against her father's wishes -- only to become the mother of a fatherless child.

Betrayed by his true love, Ted Wakefield must forget his past to find happiness with brilliant journalist Julia Marks.

During World War II Robert Wakefield receives vital radio messages from P.O.W. Hannah Weiss and vows to find her when the war ends.

Ned Wakefield struggles against injustice In the idealistic sixties, then fights for the heart of beautiful Alice Robertson.

Discover new lives and loves in the further unfolding of the biggest, best Sweet Valley story ever!