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Thunderstruck: Imminent Thunder\Thunder Mountain


Thunderstruck by Rachel Lee released on Jul 19, 2005 is available now for purchase.

Imminent Thunder

(Dreamscapes (Whisper of Love))

The secluded old house on the edge of town, shrouded by ancient oaks and Spanish moss, seemed like the perfect place for Honor Nightingale to make a fresh start, to find the peace she had never known. But then the voices came, voices from somewhere beyond the edge of reason, whispering of unspeakable horrors.

One man, and one man alone, believed her nightmare was real--her enigmatic neighbor, Ian McLaren. Strange and compelling, he had clearly seen far too much of the dark side, and it had marked him forever. And yet she found herself hungering for him, even as the voices--and her fragile heart--whispered to her to flee his touch....

Thunder Mountain

(Conard County #7)

Thunder Mountain speaks in the voice of fire....

It was scarcely possible to believe, but Mercy Kendrick could not escape the sensation that the storm-racked mountain looking down on Conard County was a living, breathing entity - a being so powerful it could destroy an unwelcome mortal in an instant...

And none of the mountain's dangers was more terrifying than Gray Cloud - silent guardian of a place that had been sacred to his people since the beginning of time. And yet, despite whispered warnings - and her own trembling heart, she could not keep away from this seductively sinister man...

CONARD COUNTY: Where Wyoming sky spreads bold and blue above men and women who draw their strength from the land an from the bonds of love they share.